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Stoneco has remained a top supplier of crushed limestone, sand, and gravel in Michigan for over 100 years. We carry a complete line of MDOT, ODOT, and commercial materials, perfect for any project from a highway, to a parking lot, to a driveway, and many more.

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Stoneco Bauer Pit Closed Monday 10/22/2018

The Stoneco Bauer Pit will be closed today, Monday October 22nd.

Stoneco Flint – Out of 1″x3″ Recycled Concrete

Stoneco Flint is currently out of 1″x3″ Recycled Concrete; 1″X3″ Limestone is available. Please contact your Sales Person for additional information.

Stoneco Burmeister – Currently out of 1″X2″

We are currently out of 1″x2″ at Burmeister.  We are working to produce more as possible.

Stoneco Burmeister For 2NS Sand

Until further notice, please pull 2NS Sand out of Stoneco Burmeister and not Stoneco Zeeb Rd.  Please contact your sales person or call 734-241-8966 for details.