Guiding Principles

MAKE SAFETY OUR FAMILY BUSINESS – At Oldcastle, we’re a family made of families and there’s nothing families care more about than keeping each other safe. That’s why we consider it our moral obligation to make sure our family comes home to their families at the end of each day.

LIVE ON THE LEVEL – We keep our word, and the word gets out. If we say it, we mean it. That’s why we’ve become a leader. Whether we’re on a site or out of sight, we do what’s right by our employees, our customers, and our communities.

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS – Oldcastle has grown handshake by handshake because we understand that the greatest asset of any business is its people. We’ve forged and reinforced alliances that have thrived for generations — transforming transactions into connections with mutual respect and support.

DELIVER LOCALLY, EVERYWHERE – We’re a local business that’s located everywhere. We give our leaders local freedom and a national framework so they can make the best decisions for their businesses and their teams. Our broad network of resources supports this local entrepreneurial spirit and grows value.

FORGE A BETTER WAY – We find a way to make it work and make it work better. We constantly improve and innovate our products, services, and ourselves to exceed our customers’ expectations. Because we know the very structure of people’s lives rests on our infrastructure.